Blockchain Community Management

The Backstory

A short while ago, I had a SEO-related question to my former marketing boss at Finanztip. Looking up his profile, I discovered that he had not only set up a website dedicated to Bitcoin & Co., but that he was also in the middle of creating a company for the project! Obviously, I had known that he was a huge enthusiast (not to mention, early adopter) of cryptocurrencies. And unsurprisingly, he was looking for supporters of This was my chance! wiki

My wiki section on

Back in 2014, I had eagerly listened to his ramblings about a decentralized future. But as I was fairly new to the whole finance game, plus not very entrepreneurially-minded, I did not dare invest (even though I was fascinated). Fast forward to 2018 and that had all changed. By now, I had amassed a neat little nest egg AND developed my business sense. Also, for a girl like me coming from the farmer/working class environment that I grew up in, investing money in something that would not guarantee a return seemed quite risky. Conservative thinking out of the window and here I was smack in the middle to becoming a blockchain-focused writer and community manager.

It has now been a couple of months and I have reaped the benefits of what I am doing in this field. A) I get to know and explain fascinating details about the world of crypto. B) I managed to liaise my boss with a cluster which urgently need a speaker on the matter for one of its events. And C) I got to host a pubtalk on the sparring field of crowdsourcing and ICOs and the regulation both are currently placed under. Not bad for a such a short span of time…

However, I want to take this further!

It simply does not do to just write. I build communities for my living. Now I want to build community on blockchain (pun intended). But not just any community, no! I want to create a wide-reaching network of blockchain community managers, builders and organizations.

Why a blockchain community management community?

For the past couple of years, I have always questioned and debated the established methods in community management. The most impressive until 2018 was CM on a change management / social collaboration level. In this field, enthusiasts do not simply follow the lead. They create their own pathways. What struck me in the last months, though, was how blockchain CMs went about their work. No washed out channels for them, no! Blockchain community gathers in other places: Reddit, bitcointalk, Telegram, the owned platform and, to a certain degree, Twitter. I have scarcely seen that startups and projects use Facebook.

Why blockchain IS community

The very principle of blockchain is the decentralized approach. Blockchain lives, breathes and consumes community. Whether it be a community of coders, of investors or general folk – no ICO would work without word of mouth and the inherent belief that the community is able to gauge a project’s worthiness. Blockchain epitomizes what prediction markets have been doing for decades.

The goal

So, coming back to my starting point, I want to learn. I want to prove that, as a community within a community, we can grow with and for each other. I want to share resources and help others find them. I want to experience which channels, methods and approaches work best. I want to contribute to interest more women for the subject matter. Which is why this article is written in English for a change. The blockchain CM „scene“ in Berlin is, as far as I can tell, rather international than local. This, we should use to our advantage. Because it means that the free flow of talent works in blockchain.

Sooo…. Are you a blockchain community manager? Are you a CEO or Head of Marketing in the field of blockchain? Are you a PR spokesperson? Are you positioned to transfer to a company or project? Is community essential to what you do or do you want it to be?? Write, tweet, signal to me and tell me your story! I will feature them here and network you to others. The first aim would be to organize a get-together in Berlin. Let’s make this happen!

Get in touch with me via my channels.